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Virtual Reality (VR) and digitalisation are among many of the exciting new technologies that are highlighting pathways to diverse careers in today's and future agriculture, veterinary science and agribusiness training and careers. The Careers and Technology Hub is a one stop shop, seminar, demonstration and agricultural education information hub high-lighting cutting-edge technologies and career opportunities.

The hunt is on for the farmers, scientists and agribusiness champions of the future to ensure that the food and fibre required to feed and clothe the predicted nearly 10 billion world population expected in 2050.

School leavers and their parents, farmers and teachers are invited to visit the one stop shop, seminar and demonstration hub showcasing food and fibre production career choices and AgTech features.

The popular forums aimed at encouraging high school students and their parents to consider training and careers in a wide diversity of agribusinesses have been renamed to be 'Young Voices from the Land' and will be held throughout the show.

The majority of universities, agricultural colleges and TAFE providers of agricultural and veterinary graduate, diploma and certificate courses in Southern Australia and New Zealand will be represented with information sites.

Gallagher Australia Pty. Ltd., Agriculture Victoria, Australian Wool Innovation and Meat & Livestock Australia are sponsors and will all have sites either in the Careers & Technology Hub or at other venues at the show. Gallagher Australia will be demonstrating new fencing, automatic sheep drafting and a variety of other new technologies, whilst Agriculture Victoria will be communicating sheep and goat producers' responsibilities with electronic identification of their livestock. Gallagher's will also be providing seminars in the seminar marquee.

Technical companies that market many other state of the art technologies such as drones, on farm micron testing of wool, farm security technologies etc. will have sites in the Careers & Technology Hub.

An exciting demonstration of a virtual reality farm and seminars explaining virtual and augmented reality technologies usage in present and future farming and primary industries will be presented by Tim Gentle and his staff from Think Digital which was very popular at last year's Sheep & Wool Show. Significant advances have been made in the application of these technologies to the primary industries sector which will provide many exciting job opportunities for young tech savvy school leavers.

Australian Wool Industry Innovation, Meat & Livestock Australia and Sheep Producers Australia will be demonstrating VR and other key innovations of the sheep, wool and livestock industries.

Sheep Producers Australia and Australian Wool Innovation are sponsoring information sites and seminars of interest to all sheep and wool producers and the general public.

The Careers & Technology Hub is a must visit marquee located in the main arena if you or your family have any interest in agribusiness careers, training or new and exciting technologies in the primary industry agribusiness sector.





Children under 14 years are FREE

Tour groups of 20 or more - $15.00 per head (Not available online. Group ticketing can be purchased via email to [email protected] or on arrival at the entry gate.)

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July 16th-18th 2021

Prince of Wales Showground, 42-72 Holmes Rd, Bendigo, Victoria

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